Here is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs). If you have a question that is not in this list, contact us either by the chat module at the bottom right of all the pages of this site or via the ”page contact”. We will be happy to answer you.

How many station can I use with poolse:watering ?

poolse:watering can control 9 different stations with 24V AC solenoids.

poolse:Watering also enables control a Master Valve or pump.

What is the power supply transformer to provide for my 24V solenoid valves ?

You do not have to provide additional transformer.

24 VAC power supply is integrated

It just needs to be connected to a power supply.

I collect rain water and I use it, do I connect an external pump ?

Yes !

poolse:watering can control an external pump with a relay output (AC 220V – 5A).

This relay will be used to control a power relay that electrically control your pump.

We invite you to call an electrician or specialist for connecting your pump.

My old programmer was equipped with a rain gauge. Can I reuse ?

No Unfortunately.

I want to equip a second home, how do I ensure that watering works well during my absence?

poolse:watering enables users to manage water meter for irrigation. it measures and informs you of the amount of water consumed.

This water meter allows you to track your water usage and allows your module to ensure that the irrigation period has been associated with water consumption.

Also this water meter allows you to track down a possible leak.

If necessary, you can add other water meters with the SAM module.

How can I add a poolse water meter ?

Simply order the poolse water meter and integrate it to the water network that supplies your valves. This water meter must then be connected to your poolse:watering module.

If your valves are too far from your module, you can opt for the additional installation of a SAM module that will allow you to connect your water meter.

I do not have a smartphone or tablet !

poolse:watering system is hosted on our servers, which you can access with your mobile devices, but also from any internet connected computer.

My gardener takes care of the watering for me, is poolse helpful ?

With poolse:watering, you’ll be able to delegate to people you choose partial or total management of your watering.

You keep control, you can always remove the delegation or extend / restrict the scope of intervention of this person.

I have no internet because it is my second home !

poolse:watering consists of a watering module that manages the solenoid valves, and a gateway  (called bridge) that connects your system (sprinkler module,  pool module, SAM …) to the Internet via your internet box.

If you do not have internet access, you can soon opt for a 3G bridge (available soon).

send us a message to be notified of its availability