Sprinklers watering grass


intelligent & connected garden watering


Your garden in the palm of your hand

poolse:watering is modern and intelligent solution for managing your garden watering from your smartphone, tablet or computer.. 

Through a simple and ergonomic interface, program and remotely manage your different watering zones.
Define multiple watering programs depending on the seasons or milestones in the year (lawn planting, for example).
Be alerted real time of the execution of each watering program.
Automatically benefit of the watering duration adaptation depending on the weather: never again water your garden while it’s raining!

Garden watering on steroid

Here is what you can do with poolse:watering:

  • super easily program your garden watering
  • start watering all or part of your garden from your phone
  • water up to 9 zones of your garden
  • add one, two, three modules and get 9, 18, 27 additional zones…
  • program different types of watering (number of zones, duration …) depending on the season, soil type, its size, its slope, exposure…
  • cancel watering on the fly or even start a manual watering
  • use poolse AI to tell you whether to increase or decrease the watering duration according to weather forecasts OR leave poolse do it for you!
  • delegate the management of your watering to your professional gardener
  • directly power your valves with poolse:watering integrated transformer
  • use a pump (if you have a well or a tank) or Master Valve (if you want to secure your installation)
  • add the water meter option to know your water consumption (and be alerted in case of abnormal consumption or leakage)
  • if you have a netatmo weather station equipped with its rain gauge, poolse will adjust even more precisely your watering: increase water savings!

Which one of these 2 solutions is the easiest to configure?

not poolse


Moteur d'intelligence artificielle poolse

Save water

In case of rain forecast, choose to reduce watering duration or let the poolse artificial intelligence engine do it for you. Watch your water consumption (with the water meter option) and be informed in the event of a leak or problem detection on a sprinkler. Whether you’re eco-conscious or just want to smarter manage your garden watering, poolse:watering is made for you!


  1. you plug the small poolse:bridge on your internet box
  2. you install the poolse:watering module (possibly in place of your existing programmer)
  3. you connect to your myPoolse management interface
  4. you set your watering durations, your programs and areas, and even give them a nickname; it is very simple
  5. then you can follow the daily progress of your watering on your smartphone or your tablet

That’s it!


  • Simplicity: finally it becomes easy to program and program agin his watering system
  • a greener garden: your garden is thirsty, optimize the amount of water with a click. Not too much water, not too few!
  • savings: we shift your watering when rain is expected; 20% or more savings per year
  • connectivity: manage your garden watering wherever you are in the world
  • scalability again: you need more than 9 sprinkler zones, no problem we can do
  • intelligence: get day after day updates of our artificial intelligence engine
  • ecology: with easy updates of watering programs, optimize your water consumption while preserving natural resources

You too, you could manage your garden from your smartphone!

Currently, we only serve French market with our poolse:watering solution. But contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Why a subscription with our solution?

  • firstly to allow you to take advantage of useful services throughout the year
    • alerts in case of need (no more programs, error in your programming…)
    • be called in case of leak detection (if you have the water meter option)
  • then because your plants will be healthier “they are worth it!”
  • last but not least, because the savings you’ll make thanks to poolse will likely exceed the cost of the subscription (see the explanatory note to understand)


to make your poolse:watering wotk, you will need:

  • a garden (always useful – an ornate balcony or indoor plants also do)
  • some water
  • an internet connection (DHCP) and a free Ethernet port on your ADSL box
  • a garden equipment: hoses, nozzles, drip, solenoid valves (24V)
  • a computer (Mac or PC) and / or smartphone and / or tablet connected to the Internet

that’s all! everything else is included in the poolse:watering kit: connected programmer, radio relay, power supply for valves (24 volts) …