Automation or Intelligence?

It may seem pretentious to talk about artificial intelligence for a garden management solution. In this case, the difference may seem thin between automation and artificial intelligence.

In your car if your lights come on when you enter a tunnel, it’s automation … Just like a standard garden program that opens a valve at a specified time.

However, if this program is modulated based on a multitude of parameters, we start to add intelligence to our system which becomes autonomous in choice and decision making.

From the genesis of poolse we attached great importance to this additional intelligence and development of our solutions has been built around this concept.

Our servers aggregate multiple sources of data: your schedules, weather data from multiple weather providers… Then, our computers do the rest through models that we have developed.

Where many systems react retrospectively (ie it rained today, I still watered, I will not water tomorrow), our self-adaptive models are positioning a priori: it is expected to rain tomorrow, we reduce or cancel watering. Depending on true fallen rain (calculated by our servers and / or your netatmo rain gauge), we are able to adapt next watering day.

Compared to what is on the market, we still are a day ahead!

The poolse intelligence at your service

Your poolse:watering module is equipment that we wanted reliable and durable, and will not become lost investment in a few years as technologies have advanced.

We decided to simplify to the maximum settings for our solution to make them accessible and easiest to implement.

Everything else is managed by poolse intelligence

Better understand what to expect from poolse AI

Here are 2 readings that will help you better understand the benefits you can consider thanks to our artificial intelligence engine: