Professional gardeners

Get more reactive than your competitors!


Professional gardeners

Migrate to service 2.0!

Professionals, manage your customers’ garden watering with fingertips

poolse:pro is an application that helps professionals manage their customers’ garden watering from their tablet or smartphone.

Thanks to a very simple and ergonomic interface, program and manage various watering zones at your customers.

Furthermore, professionals get access to a tracking tool (CRM) with a powerful address book that provides the ability to capture notes and tasks to better manage clients.

poolse:pro, your professional CRM

Thank to poolse:pro you can:

  • manage your customers data: address, phones (land line, mobile), emails
  • take notes related to any customer: gateway access code, installation description, products references…
  • add todos (actions that need to be done) and be notified when you’re late
  • manage remotely poolse:watering of your customers
  • get access to your customer management interface in order to help him configure its poolse (if needed)
  • save programs templates (garden watering) that you can re-apply if needed (customer mishandling)
  • receive messages from your clients: tasks to do… (“mowing the lawn”…)
  • get alerted in case of something went wrong (water consumption too high…)
  • remotely cancel lawn watering 24h before mowing it (in order to mow it in the best conditions)
  • get a synchronised copy of your address book in your mobile phone with all your customers contacts
  • manage your partners and suppliers information

Still doubting?

Ask yourself these questions, if you answer “yes” to one of these questions, we can help you. Contact-us!

Would-you like to:

  • have a clear follow-up between 2 customers intervention?
  • be more reactive than your competitors?
  • increase your customer loyalty (avoiding them to look for innovation at your competitors)?
  • your customer the proof of the service you’re offering?
  • optimise your costs (control remotely instead of going to your customers’ for nothing)?
  • migrate to a service 2.0?
  • offer and invoice a premium service?
  • work with an evolutive system (getting news features every release)?
  • modernise your customers existing installations at low cost?
  • make yourself indispensable to your customers?
  • keep in touch with your customers (notes/tasks/chat/messages, warn of coming…)?
  • allow your customers to remain connected to their second home?
  • give a proof of the savings done thanks to poolse optimised management solution (water consumption…)?
  • better plan customers visits depending on tasks to be done?
  • keep an eye on what your teams are doing wherever you are?
  • leave your desk while remaining connected remotely to your poolse system?