Water is a natural resource. In our country, we generally have the opportunity to dispose easily. We tend to forget that this is not the case for everyone … Once the genesis of poolse, we directed our efforts to preserve this resource.

This is an economic but also ecological reason.

Poolse’s intelligence optimizes watering using many parameters and checking forecasts afterwards.

In the example below we compare a traditional watering programming with “poolse auto” solution

We established this comparison for the year 2015.

The garden:

  • Location: Avignon
  • 5380 square feet of lawn watered through sprinkler sprays
  • 165 ft shrub hedge, 2 palm trees and 100 square feet flowerbeds watered by spot watering


  • The 165 feet shrub edge (63 shrubs) and the two palm trees are on a first zone.
  • 1 GPH Drip Emitter on each shrub and 2 GPH Drip Emitter on palm trees.
  • The 100 Square feet flowerbeds is watering with 20 spot watering emitters (1 GPH) – Second Zone.
  • The lawn is divided into 4 equal-sized areas. Each areas is watered with the equivalent of 4 sprinkler sprays with a flow rate of 105 GPH each, for a 16 feet radius – Zone 3, 4, 5, 6.

Traditional programmer settings:

  • The durations have been defined to achieve the nominal quantity of water during the hottest summer time
  • For the periods before and after, a decreased watering duration was defined gradually
Periods# of departures per nightLawnHedge and palm treesFlowerbeds
May 15th to 31st110 min/day22 min/day14 min/day
June 1st to 30th220 min/day45 min/day27 min/day
July 1st to 15th330 min/day59 min/day32 min/day
July 16th to 31st345 min/day67 min/day41 min/day
August 1st to 15th330 min/day59 min/day32 min/day
August 16th to 31st220 min/day45 min/day27 min/day
September 1st to 30th110 min/day22 min/day14 min/day

Comparison of water use:

Total Quantity of water during period (Gallon)

without poolse
with poolse
hedge et palm trees
without poolse
hedge and palm trees
with poolse
without poolse
with poolse

Total Quantity Year 2015:

without poolsewith poolse
58943 Gallon41817 Gallon

The poolse intelligence adapts to most just need watering. From one year to another, the periods are not necessarily the same.

Water saving : 17126 Gallon (64.82 cubic meters)

For the city of Avignon, water price is 2,73 €/m3 (source: www.tarifdeleau.fr – 2014)

This means saving 177€ and a more beautiful garden!